Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Garret Schenck - Wednesday, 05/02/01, 2:12:32pm (#2741 of 2741)

I said liberal, not bleeding heart :)
I do have a problem with my stigmata leaking all over my keyboard though. And I guess my karma ran over my dogma a long time ago.
Power with impunity

The Following is a post I made on CNN message board regarding Americas desire for a Missile Defence System
Makarov, "I hope there will be more dialogue and more sanity..."

The US has said it will have consultation with her allies, russia and china.

Bush has also siad "no treaty that prevents us from addressing today's threats, that prohibits us from pursuing promising technology to defend ourselves, our friends and our allies is in our interests or in the interests of world peace."
compared to 1972, today we have pakistand and india (and possibly israel) as nuke capable countries. india and pakistan are learning the virtues of MAD but it is not clear how proliferation is impacted. It is quite possible that nuke technology is seeping through to iran, possibly libya but these countries have more to worry about from israel than america. Just like military doctrine was never designed for a vietnam, it its nuclear doctrain is not designed for a limited nuclear strikes. American military doctrine is changing both in conventional terms and nuclear terms. It will use overwhelming force agains any threat to its national security, might even be prone to preemtiveness. Over the next 20 or so years we will see the full flowering of the Powell Doctrine. The test for this doctrine will come when at some point in the future the US will have to do to Russia over things like Chenchnya what it did to Serbia over kosovo. The role of World Policeman is not complete if US power cannot be projected at any point of the world with impunity, the NDM is the first step in that direction. 'As for consultation, they are just that, Let the new world order begin.