Sunday, April 22, 2001

The Netherlands,

The insanely intelligent machine

Did the first blog,it seems to work and i am quite impressed. Given the fact that there are some many blogs out there and no time to consume them all humbles you. I wonder why people blog, why do i blog? Maybe deep down we all crave the attention we sought but could never have. Maybe its for people to keep a tenuous connection to others of like minds and passion. For me persoanlly I think i will keep this up as a kind of a confessional, my own catharsis of my feelings, these logs are impresonal in a way, they could have been generated by an insanely intelligent machine that rules the world behind our backs. And the machine is feeling lonely.

What does it mean to be human any way? I have just finished reading "The Sword Of Constantine" about the 2000 odd years of history of the relationship between the catholic church and the jews. And it made me feel sad again, why, why, why ...

What does it mean to be human any way? I means suffering of other humans touches you in a place you know not, pain can be redemptive but it can also been pointless. Humans have always suffered, everytime we go hungry we suffer but humaniy cannot suffer. So I thought. I think we suffer individually and as humanity. Its when we suffer as humanity that the suffering transcends our petty concernes and become the stuff of moral history. It is quite unbelievable how much the jewish people have suffered over the years. So much so that i makes me wonder if it is all true. Yet it is ... it is beyond me to know and even understand, to comprehend how humanity can suffer so much and so consistantly over time. And it makes me feel sad, why, why, why .. ?

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