Sunday, April 22, 2001

The Netherlands.

Why am i so?

It has been a tremendous adventure working as a computer programmer. There have been many ups and downs but mostly ups :-) It has also been a sad journey because over time i feel i have lost some of the human in me, some of the child. I say this because I remember a time when I was interested in everything. I wanted to know it all. During my study days I was a mosaic of conflicting and complementary questfor what ever that cought my fancy. I have dabbled in art, math, sciences, history, philosophy, you name it i have tried it, including helping out with taking apart a 1962 Mercedes Benz and putting it back togather again (for some reason we ended up with parts that the car apparantly didn't need). My life seemed to a vistaless horizon of opportunities, I could do anything, history wasn't written yet, it was becoming.

Life is funny in that way, where you get the opportunity to be the historian, the object of history and history itself. I have never quite figured out why I have never had the ability to specialize in something. I could never hold something down, i would jump into something and the moment I understood the priciples I would move on to something else. These blogs will be an attempt to figure out why i am the way i am and what the still unwritten history holds for me in the future.

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